Wednesday, June 13, 2012

NCC plans to shut all four GSM companies over N1.7billion fine.

The Nigerian communications Commission  (NCC) has gone to court to seek an order to shut down GSM copanies over failure to pay the N1.17b penalty imposed on them for ofereing poor quality of service in March and April. 

NCC intends to shut down the administrative offices of the GSM companies in Abuja once they are able to get the court injunction. This action if executed will greatly affect the quality of network in Nigeria as these administrative offices are usually in charge of overlooking the base stations and ensuring that they stay operational all day and night.
The deadline for paying the penalty closed on the 25th of May and each of the GSM company has been incurring additional N2.5m per day.

What I don't get is why telcos should pay NCC instead of subscribers to compensate them for poor quality of service. 

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