Thursday, October 16, 2014

My Child and I

Introducing my Little speedster
Finally, I succeeded! . 

I've been trying to create a page with multiple posts but because I've been away from my blog for so long, I couldn't remember how to create it. I finally figured it out and created a page titled My Child and I

This page is going to be about the sweet experiences and the challenges mothers (and fathers too) face in the process of bringing up their little ones. It will be a place where you can seek advice, share yours, tell people what to expect, share tips on where to shop for the little darlings, parties and all other baby gists. 
I must confess that I totally enjoy being a Mum, the way my heart pumps when I'm almost home from work, how impatient I get when I ring the bell and his Nanny takes a while to get the door, the pure excitement I feel when I walk in and see his lovely face and the ecstasy of watching him crawl to me, with that big smile on his face... is sheer delight! 

My little guy is 8 moths old now and a speedster on all fours. He navigates around the living room like he's in a football field and climbs his daddy and me like we're trees. Such delight! 

Being an active crawler is quite a challenge though, he's everywhere I don't want him to be, he especially loves appearing in the kitchen unannounced, despite the fact that he doesn't like food and constantly crawls between my heels when I'm preparing for work. His father is always so scared I could step on him. This has never happened though, and I've reassured him several time that it will never happen. 

I hope I get several excited readers who will be willing to share their experiences as time goes by. 

We will be having competitions and featuring baby of the week or of the month, I'm not sure yet but it will be determined by the number of active readers I get. I'll also be welcoming contributions from Mums, Dads and Parents to be, so, please feel free to contact me if you have any baby gist or advice to give that wouldn't fit into the comments box. 



  1. good to have you back. this is quite an innovative column and of course, trust parents to gush.