Thursday, April 25, 2013

See most unflattering pictures of Beyonce performing at super bowl. She wants them banned.

Beyonce wants these pictures removed from the internet for obvious reason. They are ugly!

Her  US publicist wrote to one website 'Respectfully asking' them to 'change' their article. 'I am certain you will be able to find some better photos,'

Unfortunately, once pictures (especially bad ones) go online, they go viral and you can never really stop them.

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Beyonce has banned press photographers from her Mrs Carter Show World Tour in an apparent attempt to prevent the release of unflattering pictures. But seriously, I don't think that'll make any difference. Anybody can always go into a show with cameras and take pictures. All he'll need to do is post them on one blog and they'll be sure to go viral. Even Beyonce should know that.

What's your take on these pictures? Hot or trash?


  1. That's what she want.. It must surely go viral. I trust bloggers. You know bloggers are the greatest enemies of celebrities.

  2. That is life, please don't blames Beyonce nobody wants bad image