Monday, April 8, 2013

Charly Boy explains why he 'sleeps' in a casket

Remember when I brought you photos of Charly Boy 'meditating in his coffin' sometime ago. Today, I'm bringing you his reasons for this action.

Sleeping in a Coffin?
Point of correction, I do not sleep in a casket, I sleep on my bed, it's big and comfy, I only lay in my "casket"when I do my meditation because it helps me to be focused, it tells me more about the imminence of death. My casket is a reminder. It wakes me up from slumber. It tells me, "guy, you have got little or no time left, wake up, be creative and work”. Continue...
Of course, when I read some of the comments of my people, I know a good number of us are ill-informed about quite a number of things. I think it is more of what the casket represents that shocks my people and they start reading meanings into it, depending on their level of understanding. But one question is, what if the same wood that was used to build the casket was used to make a sofa chair? May be, all the hullabaloo about me sitting on a chair wouldn’t have been there in the first place? So when people vocalize their disapproval of my message via the image of a casket, I understand that they do that from a position of Fear, fear of what the casket represents - Death. So whatever people fear they antagonize. But, the fact that I have reminded myself and even you about death does not really change a thing. It won’t draw your death near, and it won’t even shift it away. All it does is simply a reminder, to thread carefully.

MY Coffin sensitizes

Only if a kidnapper can buy a casket for himself today, and begin to lay inside, constantly reminding himself that death looms even as he goes about kidnapping and extorting money from families. It’s possible to realize at a point that all his activities will one day end up in a casket, and there, his flesh will rotten. The same is applicable to all evil doers. They need to realize, like in the famous book, “Waiting for Godot” that the world is bizarre and empty, as vanity plus vanity will always end up in vanity. Crime no dey pay jor.

My Coffin preaches:

Take a critical look at my image inside the coffin, it speaks volume. I always lay in my casket with my cap, glasses, shoes on. I’m always well dressed. Yes, it is always done intentionally to tell us that your glory disappears with all the wealth you must have acquired the very day you go to that coffin. Your glory-your cap goes with you, your vision-your glasses goes with you; your struggle-your shoes goes with you. The only thing left of you is your history and your legacy. The crux of the message is to leave a legacy, so we can live forever, not in the physical, but in people’s memories. As for me, I will live forever. You dey vex???

We are blind because of our fears

Who knows what any of us sees from the privacy of our own blindness? Make no mistakes, each of us is blind in a particular way, just as each of us is sighted uniquely. Consider how each of us is blinded by what we fear. If we fear heights, we are blind to the humility vast perspectives bring. If we fear Passion, we are blind to the comfort of Oneness. If we fear change, we are blind to the abundance of life. If we fear death, we are blind to the mystery of the unknown. And since to fear is something thoroughly human, to be blind is unavoidable. It is what each of us must struggle to overcome. To a large degree, I have overcome my fear of death, all I ask God, is that may my death not be painful. I’m sure some of you know how my cousin who was killed by kidnappers died an agonizing death. You see, in the course of our lives, we all stumble and struggle, repeatedly, in and out of relationship, in and out of the grace of the hidden wholeness of life, most of us struggle and stumble with the uncertainty of tomorrow as Nigerians. I have discovered that in the course of our lives, and as blind children, we may never know what we are called to be until we have learned what we are called to become by simply overcoming our fears. In life, death is the most important reminder of all activities. Abi you dey vex???

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