Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Truth behind Kim Kardashian's "Nigerian women look like apes" tweet.

 The moment I heard about Kim Kardashian's supposed tweet calling Nigerian women apes, I smelt a rat.

Common, Kim can't be that careless. She makes her money from show biz and knows the consequences of racist statements.

 I took a few moments to look at the tweets and it occurred to me that it was the work of a hanker. The supposed tweet from Kim didn't have a verified mark like the usual Kim Kardashian handle.

Continue to see what I found out.

No verified mark on her twitter handle
Although, the harker went back and came up with another verified handle, his scheme had already been exposed.
He later came up with the following tweets, testifying that he's the one behind the tweet and threatening to cause even more havoc. 
Tweets from the Culprit

Meanwhile, trust Nigerians, they are already very angry and pouring insults on Kim Kay and her family on twitter. One of such tweets is the one below.
In short, ape is currently trending on twitter. 

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