Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter! Interesting & Funny BBM Easter Status updates

Happy Easter Dear Friends.

Easter is such an exciting celebration. After the sober period of lent, passion week and good Friday, we have every reason to shout alleuya! as our dear Lord has defeated death and has risen today .

My pray:
May the blessing of Easter remain with us all year long and beyond.

Some Easter BBM status Updates I've seen over the years have been so hilarious I thought to share.
Alleluia Christ arise
Alleluia Christ aroused
Alleluia Christ has rising
Alleluia Christ Risen
Alleluia Christ Arosing
 Please add yours on the comment box.

Do have a wonderful Easter Celebration!


  1. Happy easter..God bless you

  2. A frnd just sent this one.

    Na 2dy u go no sey English hard8-|Peeps PM be lyk-

    "He have arosen":$,"He Araised again"#:-s,"He is Rising":/ (na yeast)?,"He rosed again"=))He is rising=D