Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Pictures of how poorly African prostitutes live in Italy

 It's an open secret that a lot of African girls go to Italy for prostitution. Some mothers go as far as selling their landed properties and expensive jewelries to send their daughters to Italy not for any other thing but to prostitute, make money and send it home. (I speak authoritatively here because I know families who did this)

Most times, these girls return home, looking very successful and live large in Nigeria. What their parents don't know though is the terrible lives these girls live in Italy. Aside from the humiliation, danger and venereal diseases that they expose themselves to, Paolo Patrizi a photographer caught these breathtaking pictures showing how some of these prostitutes live in Italy. 

Seriously, do you think these girls are better off being in Italy living as beggars and returning home once in a year to live 'large' or would it have been better to stay in their countries and try to earn a decent living? 

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