Friday, February 15, 2013

Devasted Prezzo heads to Lagos to mourn Goldie's Death

It's been reported that Goldie’s close friend and partner Prezzo is on his way to Lagos, following the death last night of the entertainer and Big Brother alumnus.

Prezzo’s friend, Shaffie Weru spoke to Prezzo’s mum who confirmed that her son left for Nigeria on Thursday night most probably after getting the news of Goldie’s death.

We’re told Prezzo, who met Goldie while both were housemates at the Big Brother Africa Stargame in 2012, is ‘beyond shocked’.

Meanwhile another Big Brother colleague Milicent Mugadi says it’s difficult for her to digest the news of Goldie’s death. ‘Later in the day I will organise together with a few friends to have a private mass to remember Goldie. May she rest in peace. I still cannot digest the news’, she said.


  1. If only is coming could make any difference. May her soul rest in peace

  2. I wish they had a better time in BB house. If only he'd treated her with a little more respect.