Wednesday, September 5, 2012

14 year old 'Virgin' gives 32 year old man HIV

This story is hilarious.

I don't where people get the idea that raping children is the 'in-thing'

A man in Harare who thought a 14 year old girl was a virgin was shocked when he tested positive after being  arrested for rape and ordered by the court to undergo an HIV test.

The gist is that the man took the girl to the  house which he shares with a friend and slept with her over 3 times overnight before letting her go home the next day.

When she got home, she told her elder sister what had happened and the man was arrested.

What Yimiton doesn't understand in this gist sha is how a man can test positive  few days after sleeping with an HIV positive girl. Doesn't that thing take time to be detected? Like 4 weeks I think?


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