Monday, June 25, 2012

Willow Smith at 11 gets her tongue Pierced

Willow Smith has had her tongue pierced and posted a snap of it

I've a great respect for Will Smith and think his family totally rocks if only for the singular fact that the family is still together after several years of marriage which is quite uncommon in Hollywood. 

Willow shaved her head earlier this year and has been dyeing it several different colours since  

What bothers me though is the way their little girl who is not even a teenager yet, is living a life way older than her 11 years and her parents seem to be least bothered. 

Willow started by cutting her hair and dying it different colours, then, wearing some weird clothes and as if that's not enough, she's now got her tongue pierced.



  1. Her Parents don't mind, why should you? Do you want to teach them how to bring up their children? What's your own business? Amebo

  2. She'll probably grow up as wild as Rihana. She's nothing like her Dad.