Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Victoria Beckham looks exquisite as she poses at Coco Chanel's house (Photos)

How does a mother of 4 manage to look this way! I am officially jealous of Posh.
I've never seen her look this delicately beautiful.

The slender brunette said: 'I'm honoured to be here in Paris. I love Paris and the French style, so chic. Sometimes I feel a little bit French myself!'

Seriously, who wouldn't be with such money, fame and money?

1 comment:

  1. anyone can achieve this
    if you have a personal trainer
    a chef
    a deliciously handsome husband
    and are determined to stay focused


    but we (Nigerians) tend to envy but can’t do the work

    our bodies are mostly a reflection of what we put in it

    c’est la vie