Wednesday, October 10, 2012

How do I look in my geek glasses? (Picture of me in them)

My office buddy, Henrietta and I
It's been one hell of a busy day again! as it has become these days. The good thing though, is it was fun. Today was our Road show with the CEO and the only rule was that we should be branded to work.

You know what that means? I got to wear jeans on a Wednesday! I love my jeans, I love being 'gorgeously simple'. As for those glasses, don't mind them oh, they're shakara geek glasses and as branded as the T.shirt I am wearing.
Just walking into Four Points. Quick photo before the event.
One thing I give to my company sha... they know how to spoil their Staff almost as much as they spoil their customers. 

The event was at Four Points and as usual, the buffet lunch was world class.

Tell you what happened at lunch, I went in and chose my seat with my friends, preparing to gist and laugh heartily but just when I was about to seat down, one director shouted, hey Onayimi, come and join me on this seat! 'Oh my! not me' I thought because you know what that means, I ended up seating with the CEO and 2 other directors!

I felt like one tiny girl at first, seating and dinning with the biggest Ogas of the company but contrary to my fears, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and shared in some genuine laffs. Wish I'd taken pictures.

I shai enjoyed myself being busy today and returned to work feeling gingered to do more work.

The down of the day, I didn't have time to blog, and now, I really have to go back to work. I can't complain sha, my job pays my bills and keeps me smiling to the bank at the end of every month. *smiling*

So, should I keep rocking the geek glasses or dump them?


  1. U look good chica! Quit snapping and get back to road show maam!

  2. U look good chica! Quit snapping maam and get back to d road show!!

  3. You look great dear!