Thursday, September 13, 2012

5 simple but effective ways of saying 'I'm sorry' that's sure to get you 'make up sex'

You know that're hurt, your partner hurts too, there's tension; so strong, you could almost slice it with a knife.You just want to make all that tension go away and make everything perfect again or you may not even understand why your partner is angry, yet you can see the visible anger on his on her face and countenance. Or yet another scenario, you feel you're right and you deserve to be apologized to, yet, your partner feels exactly the same way. Or a situation where you're out-rightly wrong and you know you'v hurt your partner and genuinely want to apologise but don't even know how to go about it.

Whatever the situation is, be sure to be sincere.

It could be really difficult to say those words, 'I'm sorry' and sometimes, even when you say them, they just sound lame and insincere.

These are 5 very simple but very effective ways of taking that step and dissolving the tension and maybe getting the perfect 'make up sex' afterwards.

1. Make Your Apology Bigger than the Crime. Don’t attempt to diminish your mistake by offering a lame apology or excuse. You’ll only make matters worse. Instead of Saying “It’s not a big deal,” “I didn’t mean it,” or “You’re overreacting” … Try: “I made a big mistake,” “I never should have done that,” or “I should have known better.”

 2. Admit Your Real Wrong. The superficial part of a mistake (missing dinner, a careless comment) is often a symptom of a larger offense. A good apology reveals that underlying issue by using the word “because.” Instead of: “I’m sorry I forgot about our dinner plans” … Try: “I’m sorry I forgot our plans because it was disrespectful of me to cancel at the last minute.”

3. Never Say “But”. This one word can sabotage your apology. It’s a disguised effort to deflect blame (“I’m sorry about forgetting dinner, but you should have reminded me”). O_O Never do this. It drives me nuts. I am sure other people think so as well.

4. Use Your Words, Not Your Wallet. Nothing can replace an honest, heartfelt apology. Giving your partner flowers or another gift in lieu of an apology can come off as a bribe. The gift says you’re sorry but doesn’t show that you understand what you did wrong. If you want to give a gift, do it later — it’ll be much more appreciated when it’s given without strings attached.
Your partner is sure to crack into a huge smile at the end of these tips. If he or she doesn't, then, you're on your own oh.

Do you think these tips will actually work or


  1. Yimiton! You too like bad thing. Must it lead to 'make up sex'?

  2. Haha I agree with 3! If you're going to say a 'but' then you might as well not even apologize at all mschew

    Wait o.. I thought there were supposed to be 5 or am I reading wrong?

    1. I guess the No 5 was supposed to be the 'make up sex'. lol

    2. Oops true. How did I miss the 5th one? Emmm....Readers, please add yours. @Anon 3.23pm, thanks, nice tip. lol

  3. You don't have to be wrong to apologize. Nice tips, very practicable

  4. I'm definitely going to get into the nerves of my girl and put these tips to the test. I hope it gets me the make-up-sex oh or I'll come for you.

  5. Na people way chop belle full fit practice all this kain love dovey tings

  6. When you're so angry, you may not remember to try out these tips. They sound practicable sha. They will melt anybody's mind