Monday, August 13, 2012

Lady grows human nails in hair follicles instead of hair

 Strange things happen sometimes that make us wonder at what point things went wrong. This story makes me shiver anytime I think about it. I mean, having hard black nails in every hair follicle sounds totally scary and very uncomfortable. I can only imagine the level of discomfort this lady would suffer with her head, her armpit and every other part of her body all covered in hard human nails

This is the sad story  one 28-year-old woman who grows  human nails instead of hair.

Criminal justice student Shanya A. Isom first saw signs of the condition in 2009, when she had an asthma attack that doctors treated with steroids. When Isom had an allergic reaction to the medicine, she developed bumps on her leg and her skin tone began to darken. Memphis doctors attempted scores of treatments, for conditions ranging from eczema to staph infections. None were successful.hands, legs in short, everyhwere imaginable covered in hard human nails instead of hair.

In August 2011, Isom was admitted to John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, where doctors determined that her hair follicles were producing 12 times as many skin cells as hair cells. This meant that her hair follicles were producing nails, instead of hair.
The diagnosis, and subsequent treatment, has generated a slight improvement in Isom's quality of life as she can now walk with a cane or on her own as against before, when she couldn't walk at all .
Currently, Isom is the only person in the world with her condition. 

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