Saturday, August 25, 2012

Ladies, will you wear these shoes? How do stars manage in them anyway?

Heelless shoes seem to be the in thing for stars. I've been seeing quite a number of them wear these heelless wedged shoes and I have sincerely wondered how they manage to walk in them without tumbling over. I guess it won't be long before everyday people start rocking them too.

They look so ridiculous, it's like tip toeing around all day without a chance of putting your entire feet on the floor. That must be super duper uncomfortable.

Some Hollywood stars that have been photographed in the ridiculous heels:

  • Lady Gaga (This one has even tumbled over in hers)
  • Rihanna (She seems to really favour them)
  • Kim Kardashian
  • Teen Actor, Lucy Hale
  • Sarah Harding

I saw a picture of a lady who fell badly in them and I wasn't surprised at all *unfortunately, I don't have the picture any more* but I there's a picture of Lady Gaga tumbling over.

Help me out ladies, is it just me or will you get these shoes and actually wear them out?

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