Friday, July 13, 2012

Yey! My all time Idol is 78 today! I love this man.

I was only about 10 when I first read 'The Lion and the Jewel' and I really didn't understand it or what made it a comedy until I read it again when I was about 15 and suddenly grasped the meaning. I went ahead to read it about 10 times more at different times in my life and I couldn't help but to devour anything he wrote. One of the plays I can never forget is 'The Trials of Brother Jero' that one was one a classic. Inshort, I have a huge smile on my face now, just remembering it. 

I must say there were some I never really truly understood like 'The man died' but I just loved reading them. I also loved his poems so much especially 'the telephone conversation' it 

Happy Birthday Prof! Maybe one day, my dream of going on a lunch date with him will finally come to pass. 

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