Tuesday, June 19, 2012

'My mom agreed to put me on birth control when I was FOURTEEN! ' Kim Kardashian tells Oprah

Kim did reveal that she was just aged fourteen when she went on birth control - which was agreed by her mother
In a stunning revelation, Kim disclosed that her mother Kris Jenner agreed to put her on birth control at the tender age of 14.

Kim told Oprah in the first of a two-part interview on Oprah's Next Chapter she was 'almost 15' when her mother, now 56, agreed to put her on birth control so she could safely loose her virginity to her then boyfriend.

What's your take on this? I think her mom should have encouraged her to wait till she's older instead of shoving birth control on her.


  1. Is it not better than getting pregnant and committing abortion? All you pretentious Nigerian women, how old were you when you started taking drugs to prevent pregnancy to to 'flush' out the baby after sex? Is it not better for your mother to advice and hand the drugs to you than for you to go and patronize people on the streets that will kill you? She was just being realistic and pro active.

  2. Kris Jenner is IN LOVE with herself. From DAY ONE, she has ALWAYS been in control of EVERYONE'S life. Bruce, you better STEP UP and take notice, that your marriage is looking more like a FIASCO everyday. She can't be TRUSTED, cuz that isn't in her vocabulary. When you question her about ANYTHING, and she can't MAKE UP and answer, she usually just EXIT'S and leaves you to watch the door hit her BUTT as she leaves the room. She could CARE LESS if you believe her, let alone LOVE her. You need to GET OUT of such a miserable marriage. A marriage like yours is a ONE WAY ticket, and you will pay the TOLL.