Friday, June 15, 2012

How Farouk was caught on video. This is hilarious! U got to read it.

A friend sent this to me on BB and it's so hilarious, I had to share. Read and laugh.

Farouq Lawan visited Otedola's house on three different occasions over the bribe issue.
On each occasion, he drove himself in a C class Mercedes Benz. Five video recordings, lasting an average of eight to 10 minutes each were made on each of those visits.

According to a source in the security services, on the first visit, he had lunch with Otedola where the amount to be paid was negotiated and eventually agreed on.

On his second visit, which was around 11 pm, he collected the first tranche of $250,000 and during the third visit when he came around 5.05 am, he collected the second tranche of $250,000. He was dressed in green buba and sokoto with a cap to match.

Later in the day at the plenary session after he had collected the second tranche, he got the House to clear Zenon as one of the companies that bought foreign exchange but did not import petroleum products.

"In the video, Lawan was clearly seen stuffing wads of dollar bills into his pocket, when his pocket was full, to the utter shock of all those who have seen the damning video, he removed his cap and concealed the remaining wads of dollar bills inside it and replaced the cap on his head.

"Nigerians will reel with laughter if they ever get to watch this video. It is on the one hand hilarious and on the other, shameful," a source said.

Further investigations revealed that Lawan's resort to stuffing the money in his pockets and cap was done to avoid arousing suspicion from Otedola's domestic help who would have seen him entering the house empty handed and coming out carrying a bulging envelope.

However, unknown to him, a surveillance video camera carefully installed by the SSS was recording all his actions."


  1. This man na confirm mumu.

  2. With this attitude from the men we trust, what hope do we have for this country? I used to think Farouk was different, it serves him right.

  3. Nigerians are too quick to judge. With the way everybody is going, this man will not be given a fair hearing. He's already been presumed guilty even before trial.