Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Where do you get the perfect, cutest baby clothes for your Sweet Little ones?

One of the most wonderful things of being a mum is that you get to choose some really lovely clothes for your little one. It's usually more exciting for a Mum to get stuff for her baby than for herself and you will often see them being excited when these things arrive.

I'm going to talk about only 3 of my favourite shopping sites after the cut and how  I get my stuff delivered to me. 

Carters is arguably my favourite shopping site. Their clothes are so lovely and the best thing is that they are cheap! They're always always having one sales or another.  I got lots of things from Carters for my Little One and I have never regretted my purchases. 

I especially like their rompers, those things are lovely. The slogans on the clothes too are adorable. Another thing I like are their onesies. Use it as they are for the perfect play clothes or with knickers or long pants for outing. 

Their shoes are pretty cheap and nice too. 

I also like Oshkosh I don't know which I like better, their name or their products. Just like Carters, their things are also pretty cheap but in my opinion, they're more durable than Carters. 

I've also shopped from Gap  and I must say that their things are really really nice and durable. They're not as cheap as Carters and Oshkosh but they're worth it. 

I know you Mums will be wondering how I possibly get these things, being that I live in Nigeria and if it won't be very expensive. The good thing is, it's actually cheaper for me to buy these things from the US/UK and get them shipped to me than buy them in Nigeria. Baby things here are scarily expensive! 
All you need to shop are your Master debit card and the Mallforafrica app on your iPhone, iPad or android device (see free advert oh) . I've also been flirting with trying out 'shoptomydoor', I don't know how cheap they are, but I've used Mallforafrica and I think they're pretty okay. You can actually see the shipping cost before you place your order. 

So, Mum (and Dads too) please share, how and where do you get those adorable little clothes for your Sweet little ones? We can all learn from each other. 

Enjoy being Mums! 

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