Friday, July 12, 2013

Dear Yimiton, My fiance is extremely stingy. Will he change after marriage?

Hi Yimiton, I've been dating Ben (not real name) for over 3 years and 2 months ago, he proposed. I was really happy but the problem is that my fiance is so stingy, it's beginning to get to me.
 He never buys me presents, he proposed with a very weak ring right in my house and he never takes me out. Instead of going  to the movies, he'll say he will download the movie and we will watch it in his house. He never takes me to buy even ice cream and never buys me surprise gifts. He has even told me that we will have to rent my wedding gown. Meanwhile, he has a very good job and earns very good money. He keeps saying he has to save for rainy days.

I have been thinking he's just putting me to the test to see if I'm a wife material but I'm afraid this is his real life and he might not change after marriage. Now that the wedding is getting closer, I'm really wondering whether I should marry him.

Aside from this attitude, the relationship is going very great but I don't want my children to end up wearing 2nd hand clothes because their rich father has to save for rainy days. 


  1. This is a very silly mistake women make. You can't change a man and marriage doesn't change them either. If you can't live with it, then step down now, otherwise, don't expect anything different when you're married.

  2. You're lucky that you're fiance is not a spendthrift. If you work, your money can be used as 'spending money' while his own will be used for investments and savings. All you need to do is plan, plan and plan. A man can never really be 'too stingy' so long as he's not spending his money somewhere else.

  3. i agree with the first comment

    dude wont change after marriage

    how can a man be stingy to a woman he genuinely cares about????

    God's speed with your talk/decision..........

  4. No, he won't change

  5. Hi I am going through this situation right now.. Are you married now? Please tell me how it went