Friday, April 26, 2013

Too Sexy for Saudi? Meet Omar Borkan Al Gala who was Deported From Saudi Arabia for Being 'Too Handsome' (PHOTOS)

Following recent reports that three men from the United Arab Emirates were deported from Saudi Arabia because of their good looks, one of the trio has been identified.

The men, attending the Jenadrivah Heritage and Culture Festival in Riyadh, the Saudi capital, were "forcibly" removed from the event by the religious police because their sex appeal was deemed too dangerous by organisers.

US gossip website Jezebel has identified one of the three handsome men that police "feared female visitors could fall for" as Omar Borkan Al Gala.

Al Gala, who claims to be a photographer, actor, and poet from Dubai, has a Facebook page, with more than one hundred thousand likes. He has also posted messages seemingly confirming that he was involved in the incident.

"This is what written in newspapers in over the world :) UAE men ordered to leave Saudi Arabia for being 'too handsome'," one post reads.

What do you think of Omar Borkan Al Gala? Is he actually 'dangerously' handsome?

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  1. for real tho the dude is a fine guy and i'm saying this as a guy o! but seriously why the heck is that a reason to send him away from his own country??? All these Saudi countries and their weird behaviour sef. Make the guy come naija jor!!! we go open modelling agency make correct money!