Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Cake baker quits govt job by baking a cake and writing resignation letter in Icing

Oh sweet sweet resignation. This is the sweetest resignation letter I've ever heard about, even his resignation letter is an advert. This is how you  know people with talent. I bet he'll have more customer than he can handle.

Chris Holmes, 31, who worked at Stansted Airport, tweeted a picture of the note to resign from his job and pursue his dream to run a bakery business.

Mr. Cake showing off his skill
Mr Homes said:
'I handed in the cake in person to the duty manager. I think he was pleasantly surprised. It was a passion cake - a carrot cake made with coconut, pecans, sultanas and orange buttercream. The lettering was a bit tricky because there were so many words and was quite fiddly. I thought it was a good natured resignation and hopefully left a nice taste in their mouths.
Mr. Cake and Son
The Letter: 
To The Management,
Border Force, Stansted:

Today is my 31st birthday, and having recently become a father I now realise have precious life is and how important it is to spend my time doing something that makes me, and other people, happy.

For that reason I hereby give notice of my resignation, in order that I may devote my time and energy to my family, and to my cake business which has grown steadily over the past few years.

I wish the organisation and my colleagues the best for the future and I remind you that, if you enjoy this cake, you can order more at

Chris Holmes
(Mr Cake)
Source: Mailonline

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