Wednesday, March 13, 2013

New Pope is a 76-year-old Argentine: Jorge Bergoglio, Archbishop of Buenos Aires. Name is Pope Francis

Pope Francis
The new Pope has been unveiled as Argentine Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the Archbishop of Buenos Aires, who will take the name Pope Francis.

The 76-year-old was welcomed by tens of thousands of overjoyed Catholics in St. Peter's Square in the Vatican City after his election was revealed this afternoon at 6pm GMT when white smoke poured out of the chimney of the Sistine Chapel.

Tens of thousands cheered in St. Paul's Square at the sight of the symbolic plumes, announcing that the successor to Benedict XVI had finally been chosen after two days of intense voting.


  1. When are we going to have black pope?

  2. I really would love to know why Pope Benedict abdicated the throne of Saint Peter?

    My own personal feeling is that he was blackmailed by someone(maybe even a Cardinal or more) that they felt he was trying to turn the clock back to before Vatican II, especially with making the Latin Tridentine Mass easier to have celebrated and the local Bishop's permission not even needed. That would have been fine with me. As far as I am concerned, Vatican II did a lot of terrible damage to the Church, most obviously with the lack of people who go to Church anymore, the lack of priests, nuns and brothers and the many who left after all the changes. It did not do anything good, just destroyed centuries of tradition, beauty, piousness, Solemnity and beauty of the Mass and all of the Sacraments. People dress like slobs in Church, their behavior is awful, many people do not go to Confession but receive Holy Communion all the time, the fornication, homosexual activities, abortion, lack of family life and so on so on and so on.

    The election of Francis will only further destroy the little bit of pomp and circumstance and beauty and tradition that is left. He does not wear certain articles of clothing that Benedict did, he does not live in the Papal apartments, he uses the smallest cars and just walks around like anyoner else. You are the Pope, you are to judge in matters of faith and morals and do you think that because you live in a hotel and not the Papal apartments that flocks of people have returned to going to Mass? False humility. It is as if he has discovered poverty and problems in the world that no one knew before. I think it is a form of narcicissim. He makes it look like EVERYONE of his predecessors were all wrong. All he wears is the white cassock and his belly hanging out. Just wear jeans and a shirt and a label that says Hi I am the Pope. Where has our Church gone?.

    To answer the prior question, I wish they did elect a black Cardinal from Africa. He never would be like this guy is. I pray I am wrong that he is not the enemy of the Church in disguise. We must pray and pray very hard for Holy Mother Church.