Friday, January 18, 2013

Pictures from our Honeymoon in Dubai *Great experience*

There were 2 things my husband and I (that has become my favourite word these days, lol)  looked forward to most at the wedding: the exchange of vows and the honeymoon.
After the wedding event, we couldn't wait to catch our flight to Dubai to have our dream honeymoon.

Although, our first choice of destination was France, we eventually settled for Dubai as we discovered we couldn't afford the Land of Love when we made our final descision 5 months to the wedding.

Dubai wasn't disappointing at all as there was so much to see and so many places to visit. Thankfully, January is quite cold in Dubai, so we didn't suffer any heat issues or too much sun.

As it was our first time in Dubai, we were most impressed with the very clean city and the very nice white dresses the Arabs wore. There were so many tourists and shoppers that you could get lost in the crowd if you aren't careful.

Fortunately for us, it was the 'Dubai Shopping Festival'  which means, we got to shop much more than we bargained for. Things were on crazy sales, I mean, like 60% sales was going on and the craziest of it all was NEXT sales, which was buy an item for half the prize and get one free! You can imagine how cool that was. Correct stuff oh, not just some old annoying things. Thanks to Next sales, I have a brand new office wardrobe! (Can't wait to go back to work on Monday!)

We had fun visiting some of the Dubai's shopping malls which we both agreed are so large that they are best described as shopping villages. The Dubai Shopping Mall which is the biggest mall in the world is probably as big as a small village in Nigeria. Aside from shopping, they had some mad crazy fun stuff like the roller coaster ride which I must say is the scariest and craziest roller coaster ride I've ever been in.

We also visited the water park in the mall and the huge huge aquarium that had sharks and all kinds of fishes in it. That aquarium is better visited than gisted about!
Just before going into 'Wild Wadi' water park. Extreme water fun
Waterfall, Dubai Mall
Dinner Cruise

Inside 'Sega Republic' just before the crazy roller coaster ride
Checking out our hotel room
Yea...the bed had to be great *wink*

Gold shopping at the Gold Souk.
Having fun at the Jumeira Beach

Right outside the Burj Al Arab (The only 7 Star Hotel in the world)
The Burj Khalifa @ night. (The tallest building in the world)
All in all, we had great fun and although, we might never return to Dubai, (There are too many countries to visit in the world to be repeating them) I must say, this is an experience we will live to remember for a long long time.


  1. Awww Sweet. Wish you both endless love.

  2. Wow, looks like you had a lot of fun but seems like you missed out on some fun stuff too. You should have tried the dinner night cruise and of course the Dubai Dune Bashing. Best fun I've ever had.

  3. Hi Fareed, we did the boat cruise but not enough time to do the Dune Bash. We had only 4 nights and had to choose between the 2. Who knows, we just might change our minds some day and return to Dubai. I hear it's a 'must do' in Dubai too.

  4. Congrats my friend. I've been to Dubai too and it was really nice, although, I went for business and not pleasure.

  5. Nice pictures. I've been thinking of travelling to Dubai for Valentine. I hope the shopping festival will still be on then?

  6. @Anon, thanks. The shopping festival ends on the 3rd of February, that's before Valentine.

  7. Congratulations... I think i know your hubby yes i do...

  8. Welcome back Yimi. May you live happily ever after

  9. Congrats dear!Beautiful pics

  10. Congrats dear. Dubai is another city of love and from the pics, its sooooo glaring you both had fun. It still amazes me how marriage transforms one and i just can't wait to experience that transformation *wink*

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