Friday, September 7, 2012

You've got to read this! Student bargaining money for sex with a total stranger over BB! (Lindaikji's blog)

My eyes popped in disbelief when I read this on Linda Ikeji's blog. I was in so much shock, when I got out of it, I told myself I must have it here. I mean, how could a whore 'student' be making such despicable bargain with a total stranger over BB?

Please prepare for the shock as U read on. 

1 comment:

  1. big deal! yimiton pullllzz! how do you think these girls flaunt the kinda lifestyle u wudnt dare live on ur budgeted 22days makes one pay packet?

    don't you see their phones, designer glasses, bags? dont you see them hopping in and outta planes? recently, i have 2 working class friends who chooose to travel by road cos they'd rather do sumthn else with the air fares, do these girls factor in such costs?

    let's face it, men r willing to pay for any fantasies if d girls are available.