Saturday, August 18, 2012

Face of a father who continuously raped his 14 year old daughter for 7 years!

Elijah Olusesi

What a sad sad tale. Too many very sick people are going about, abusing innocent children and stealing away their innocence. This is indeed a most despicable act. 
A 45-year old bricklayer, Elijah Olusesi who has been having sex with his 14-year old daughter (name withheld) since she was  seven, has been apprehended by members of O’odua Peoples Congress, OPC.
He was caught by the OPC members who had laid ambush for him at Adeosun Street, Adiyan, a remote community in Ifo Local Government, Ogun State, Southwest Nigeria.
His wife, Shade, had fled to Adiyan when the man started sleeping with the little girl.
It was learnt by our correspondents that he evaded arrest for 15 days before his eventual arrest in the midnight recently.
Elijah and his family were subsequently banished from the community after he allegedly confessed to engaging in the despicable act with his daughter.
It was reliably gathered that the man was exposed when the sexually assaulted girl ran out of their home naked in the middle of the night and was held by the security men guarding the community.
Upon interrogation by the security men, she told them that she ran out naked because her father wanted to kill her with sex, adding that she could no longer bear his sexual assault on her.
“I ran out when my father wanted to kill me with sex. He has been having sexual intercourse with me since I was seven years old and my mother knew about it. My mother and I ran away from him to come and hide here but we don’t know how he was able to trace us down here,” she reportedly told the guards.
Shade Olusesi, Eljah’s wife who is also a nursery school teacher in the neighbourhood, when queried by the community, said that when she caught her husband in the act with their daughter and reported the incident to her in-laws, they begged her.
She said that her husband equally begged her and promised that he will not repeat the shameful act again. She said she believed him, adding that to her utmost surprise, Elijah still continued the act with their daughter whenever she is not at home.
She added that her husband was sleeping with both of them simultaneously without her knowledge.
She said further that she stopped him from sleeping with her immediately she discovered he was having carnal knowledge of their daughter, adding that she had to run away with the girl from their former home to Adiyan in Ogun State.
She told the community that she did not know how her husband was able to trace them down to the remote village.
The Ekiti State-born bricklayer allegedly confessed to the crime after the OPC members took him round the community.
The Baale of Ajoji Egan, Gasline, Adiyan, Chief Isiaka Aminu said: “The shameful act didn’t start here. We learnt that that was what brought the woman to this community. They were putting up in the nursery school where she teaches before her husband traced them down here.
“He confessed to the crime after he was arrested but he didn’t explain what led him into such abominable act. I later learnt he was banished from the community but I was not around then. He was a stranger here because he has no property in this community. He only sneaked in over night and that is all we knew about him,” he said.
The vice chairman of the community CDA, Mr. Joseph Adetosho said that all efforts to arrest him when the matter was brought to their notice proved abortive before the intervention of the OPC members.
“When the matter was brought to our attention, we set a trap for him for 15 days but we couldn’t get him. It was as if he was aware of our plans. We learnt he usually sneaked out early in the morning and sneaked back in the middle of the night.
“Our efforts paid off through the assistance of his neighbour’s wife, Esobe, who went to L’Abe Orun (a TV programme) to report the matter. They came around to interview the poor girl and she told them how her father has been sleeping with her since she was seven.
“Later at midnight the OPC people came and arrested him. He confessed and they took him round the whole community. It is true that the community sent his and members of him family away because we can’t tolerate such abominable act here,” he said.

Culled from PM news

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