Monday, May 28, 2012

Dr. Sign Fireman healed Nollywood Actor, Enebeli Elebuwa?

 News is going viral that Dr. Sign Fireman has healed Bedridden Nollywood actor, Enebeli Elebuwa who was  struck by stroke last year and whose health has continued to deteriorate each day. This picture was taken in the process of his healing.  It was even said at some point that his wife threw him out.

If you don't know about Dr. Fireman, check my post on Dr. Sign Fireman to see a documentary on him. 

Let's hope this it true and for real!


  1. interesting!! i don't wanna believe its true. i smell foul play somewhere. but hey....if the guy is healed then....we thank GOD!

  2. Enebeli Elebuwa ooooowwwww, one of the actors i love so much, if this news is true i will be so for Dr sign Fireman i reserve my comment