Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools Stunt gone bad.

It was 11pm on the 31st of March and I was sleeping after a long drive through terrible traffic from the Island where we just had my younger sister's birthday bash.

My phone beeped; it was an sms from my boyfriend. It read 'Something came up, and I'm on my way to Benin. Moving with a friend, got a night bus, Be good'.

At first, I wanted to ignore it because I was almost certain it was an April Fools stunt, afterall, he doesn't travel by night buses. On a second thought, I decided to call him so that he wouldn't feel I didn't care about him. So, I called him but he didn't pick up. I got agitated as I really wanted to sleep and called a couple of his friends. I called his dad when his friends didn't pick up and subsequently, his brother when even his dad wasn't picking up.

I asked his brother what issues were at home and he told me about them and said he didn't know his brother had any plans to come home. I told him I thought my boyfriend was playing a bad April Fools stunt on me but I wasn't sure anymore. So I kept trying to call him all night but he just wasn't picking  up his phone.

By 5.20am on April 1st, my phone rang with the special ring tone I set for him and he was sounding like he was in a lot of pain. He said he was involved in a ghastly motor accident and was in Ore with a broken arm.

But I told you never to travel at night! How could you have risked your life so much, why on earth haven't you been picking your calls and please stop playing this silly games already where some of the thoughts that raced through my mind when he told me. But I calmed myself and told him that I thought he was playing a stunt on me all the while until I called his brother and he confirmed that there were issues at home.

He laughed and said 'April Fool!'

I didn't find it funny at all. I think April Fools jokes should be short, witty and interesting and they shouldn't keep people in suspense for too long. I also think they should be played between the speculated time between 12am and 12noon on April 1st and not before.

I sincerely think people have taken this April fools thing too far. I'm not mad at him, just sad that he doesn't love me as much as I thought otherwise, he'll be concerned about me to let me go through all that pain for no reason.

He's been apologizing and telling me how much he feels bad, but really, I just feel hurt and betrayed...really thought he loved me too much to do this for an ordinary Aprilfools day.


  1. awwwwww...sweetie pls forgive him....m sure u r very mad but please just let it go

  2. Bella Naija readerApril 1, 2011 at 6:54 PM

    ah ahn please dont break up with him because of the joke nowww. it's not fair. please forgive him abeg. dont take it too seriously.

  3. Purpliecious Babe (DOZ)April 2, 2011 at 12:57 PM

    Awwwwwwww.......... he messed up... i wont have found that funny at all.. Pay back time joh.... (evil grin).. OK, the joke is expensive and next time he is actually in trouble, he might just have messed up his chances.....

    He could have something very witty and nothing to do with accidents etc(scary stuff)... But he didnt do, so i would say if he is really sorry, prove it..

  4. you sef na wah o! abeg develop a sense of humor joh! so because he played a joke now, he doesn't love you anymore! good men are rare o! so you better have a better excuse for breaking up with the one you have. he has sha said sorry abi? and next time he knows not to play this kind of joke on you. so get over it and hold on to your man!

  5. That was definitely too far. It's still not something to break up with your boyfriend over. Men can be silly but I'm sure this isn't the worst that could happen. At least he's ok, and not seriously wounded from an accident, abi? Just milk his transgressions for some preferential treatment, lol... Let him take you out and pamper you a few times to make up for the misdeed and then move on.

  6. Aww.. U're all so sweet. I've taken yr advice & forgiven him but I'm enjoying the special attention, pampering and make up outings which he's doing now for apology.