Thursday, December 9, 2010

My Hero

The Villain turned out to be My Hero.

No, not a real hero, just a hero on my mind and in my heart.

When I was a little girl of 10, I left my parents to go to school and live with my Aunt. It wasn't a bad experience for me, my Aunt was good, kind and loving; almost pampering. Life with her was good but for one snag; The BULLIES at my school. I hated those bullies, the boys, the big girls who will pull my hair, make fun of my tight dress, laugh at my tiny shrill voice and call my face 'swollen'. Most of them were older and bigger than me as well as stronger.

All of a sudden, I started missing my younger brother, he became the hero in my heart, I thought about him when those bullies tried to get into a fight with me, I'd wish he was there to defend me. Suddenly, he became larger than life on my mind, he was powerful, muscular, tall and a super hero. The thought of him made me survive those bullies and fortunately never got into a fight with them.

Ironically, he was never any of those things when we lived together and until now, I still wonder why he became my super hero when I needed one.

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