Thursday, October 3, 2013

Dirty, Dirty Rihanna proves Miley is still just a child with anextremely explicit video (Pictures)

Compared the newly released Rihana's video, Miley's wrecking ball video suddenly looks like child's play.  Despite the fact that she wasn't totally naked at any point, she came across as extremely sexy and provocative.

In the new video, she's a strip dancer and showed her skills with dollar bills spread around and some in her underwear.

Warning: Do not open this at work!

Now, who's the boss? he he he


  1. Who's dirtier and bolder? Riri or Miley....both if them are dirty girls.

  2. Both of them are an embarrassment to women

  3. Illuminati at work

  4. Sex sells. All they care about is popularity and money. Who will take the top spot on the chart?

  5. I've seen the video, it's wild but really sexy. Rihanna knows how to bring out the sexy in a woman

  6. Rihanna has totally lost it. When did she become this cheap and tacky?

    1. She has always been cheap and tacky

  7. My oh my! I watched the video yesterday and I must say Rihanna is something else. This is more like a soft porn video with some mad ass moves. This is a complete woman and will give any man a hardon.

    The song is nothing fantastic though, just those lmoves.